New pressure treated deck with aluminum balusters, skirting, and a picture framed floor.

IMG_2198_Medium.JPGThis deck built in Manlius New York has some additional built-in supports in preparation for a Screened room that will be installed over the center door down the road.We installed the floor using a picture framed border that will later be stained using a darker shade than the rest of the deck which will help it to stand out and give the floor a little more character.We may also stain the top handrail the same color. We take our aluminum balusters installation a little further by hand drilling each hole instead of using the manufacturers mounting plugs. This takes a little more time, but the finished product is much stronger, and there is no chance of seeing the plugs if there is some movement in the wood as it dries. We also designed the deck with the steps coming off at 45° angles which worked well given the customers backyard space. Adding a solid skirt is a nice way to really finish off the deck.